Buffer’s Respond shows Twitter’s value to customer service!


The new tool from the chaps at Buffer, entitled RESPOND, is something you might like to have a little play around with?

Why? Well, whilst there are still lot of companies who have still not started using Twitter as a serious customer service tool, you and your lot don’t need to be like them!

Right now as you read this there are people literally sat at a desk somewhere, with a telephone just a reach away, waiting for people to contact their business! #OldSkool

These days, its all beating the rest and being the best, by simply being reactive and initiating communication between your community or customers!

One cheeky element, which is a bit like Inbox by Google, is the ability to schedule a message to appear at a later date! But, I’d defo suggest giving it a go! VISIT the WEBSITE!

Danny Alexander: Balancing the books and investing in key public services

Today (Thursday 5 February) Liberal Democrat Leader Treasury Spokesman Danny Alexander set out the Liberal Democrats’ vision for delivering a balanced budget in the next Parliament.

Danny outlined how after 2017/18, our new fiscal rules will ensure that debt continues to fall as a share of the economy while allowing us to invest in key infrastructure and vital public services such as schools and hospitals.

Danny said:

Source: http://bit.ly/1udP8AT

Nick Clegg’s fiscal speech – Light at the end of the tunnel

Today (Thursday 5 February) Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg set out the Liberal Democrats vision for delivering a balanced budget in the next Parliament.

Nick said:

“In 2010 the Liberal Democrats joined the coalition with a clear, over-riding priority: to rescue, repair and renew the economy.

Source: http://bit.ly/1KhjDda